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Support local organizing by donating to the Movement Voter Fund at Tides Foundation. Use the information on this page to donate online, by check, through wire or stock transfer, or via DAF. Donations are tax-deductible.

If you have any questions about making a donation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Movement Voter Fund re-grants all money raised to support local organizing, and does not take any percentage of your donation. However, all donations through Tides Foundation are subject to the Tides Foundation’s 3% administrative fee.

Ways to Give


Donate online

We recommend online donations for gifts less than $10,000. Payments are secured by Actblue Charities and subject to Actblue's 3.95% transaction processing fee.


Donate by wire/ACH or stock transfer

We recommend giving by wire/ACH or stock transfer for donations of $10,000 or more. Donations by wire allow us to move money to organizing groups most quickly.

Please contact us to make a donation by wire or stock transfer so that we can provide receiving account information and other necessary details.


Donate by check

To donate by check, please follow these steps:

  1. Make the check out to ‘Tides Foundation’.
  2. Include the memo ‘Movement Voter Fund’ on the check.
  3. To ensure you receive a tax receipt and acknowledgement for your donation, include your name, mailing address, and email address in a note sent with the check.
  4. Mail the check to one of the addresses listed below.
  5. Complete the Tides Foundation Contribution Transmittal Form.

Address for checks sent via standard mail:

Tides Foundation
P.O. Box 889389
Los Angeles, CA 90088-9389

Address for checks requiring a signature:

Lockbox Services Box #0399389
Tides Foundation
3440 Flair Drive
El Monte, CA 91731

Tides Foundation EIN: 51-0198509


Donate directly to individual groups

Contact us to discuss moving larger gifts (over $25,000) directly to specific 501(c)(3) organizing groups, bypassing the Tides Foundation.


Donate to support MVF operations

Our role is to empower and strengthen the organizing work of hundreds of local groups across the country. To that end, we re-grant donations from our donors directly to groups, unless you specify otherwise. But it takes staff and resources for us to do this work. If you believe in our work and can contribute to support our operations and internal team, please contact us.