Capacity Building Program

Credit: Arizona Coalition for Change

How We Strengthen, Sustain, and Scale Grassroots Movements

Funding enables organizations to do their work. Capacity building lets them achieve more with the resources they have. When funders invest in both, we get more impact per dollar.

Our Capacity Building Program sets a standard for excellence in philanthropy, giving our local partners the tools, skills, and support to strengthen, sustain, and scale their work.

Our credo: Trust our grantees, ask what they need, and give them what they ask for.

What We Offer

  1. Tech Tools: Free or discounted access to tools such as texting, auto-dialers, relational organizing, and voter files via The Movement Cooperative.
  2. Consultant Support: Our “Movement Match” program provides custom support from executive coaching to voter targeting with hard-to-track constituencies.
  3. Training and Coaching in areas including: tech tool implementation, fundraising, legal support, executive coaching, organizational development, and communications.
  4. Rapid Response Support to address political violence, crisis communications, hacking, infiltration, and mental health and wellness.
  5. Leadership Cohorts to provide intensive skill-building and support around topics such as communications, organizational development, data, and finance.
  6. Voter Engagement Startup Support: We have helped dozens of community-based organizing groups launch voter engagement programs for the first time.

Learn More

Hundreds of grassroots groups have put our capacity building support to use, including:

  • Increasing Black turnout in Arizona,
  • Countering misinformation in Michigan, and
  • Implementing sophisticated voter targeting in Minnesota.

Running grassroots voter organizations is hard. Imagine: What would it be like if grassroots leaders had all that they really needed to build strong, sustainable, scaled-up organizations? That’s MVP’s vision. We invite fellow funders to join us.

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