Healing Justice Project

Developed in collaboration with Movement Voter Fund and Camila Cabello

In January of 2021, Camila Cabello and Movement Voter Fund launched a new initiative to provide direct funding for culturally relevant mental health and wellness resources to youth activists and grassroots organizations working at the intersection of racial and economic justice, GOTV organizing, and other movements that propel this country forward.

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2022 Healing Justice Project organizations

Healing Justice is a framework that identifies how we can holistically respond to and intervene on intergenerational trauma and violence, and to bring collective practices that can impact and transform the consequences of oppression on our collective bodies, hearts and minds.

Cara Page, Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective

Why Healing Justice

The 2020 election, along with a global pandemic and other widespread tragedies, illuminated for many organizations how some of their existing practices were unsustainable. The mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of every organizer matters and is critical to the continuation of their work!

Through the Healing Justice Project, frontline grassroots organizations can continue their essential work while building and maintaining sustainable systems to help organizers heal as they face an ongoing onslaught of attacks against them and the communities they serve.

Member Organizations

Class of 2022
Class of 2021

1Hood Media


A collective of socially conscious artists & activists who utilize art to raise awareness.

Chispa Arizona


Led by two Latinx women, CHISPA is growing Latinx voices, power and civic engagement for a cleaner future in Arizona.

Community Voices Heard

New York

A member-led, multi-racial organization principally composed of women of color and low-income families in New York State.

Florida Student Power


A statewide network of youth and student organizers across Florida, rooted in collaboration and intersectionality.

Great Plains Action Society


A collective of Indigenous organizers of the Great Plains working to resist and Indigenize colonial institutions, ideologies, and behaviors.

MOVE Texas


A grassroots organization building power in underrepresented youth communities through civic education, leadership development and issue advocacy.

Movement of Immigrant Leaders in Pennsylvania (MILPA)


A grassroots network of immigrant families that cultivates leadership and organizing across the state of Pennsylvania.

Southwest Workers Union


A woman of color-led organization of low-income, working class families and youth organizing its members through decolonization, emancipatory education, leadership development and direct action.

Voces de La Frontera


Leading immigrant rights organization working on advocacy, leadership development and organizing across Wisconsin’s immigrant communities.

Women Engaged


Works to support Black women and young adults in becoming impactful leaders, key decision-makers and effective agents.

Participant Testimonials

The Healing Justice Project is helping the organization define what healing is within the context of our work. Our organizers deal with drama and violence. The Healing Justice Project has shown us examples of what types of exercises and planning can happen so that it is embedded within our meetings, retreats, and any space that we’re building for our community.

Diana Lopez, Southwest Workers Union

As community leaders, we are exposed to so many stories of abuse – people getting evicted, trying to bring family members over the border but then they are getting detained – everyday confronting so many impossible issues. So without healing justice as a daily life tool, we can’t do this work for the long term

Movement of Immigrant Leaders in Pennsylvania

The Healing Justice Project allowed us to initiate the conversation around healing justice and start an implementation process in pieces of our work… to build out a long term, sustainable implementation plan for 1, 3, 5 years from now.

Ariana Reyes, LUCHA

Project Launch

Check out Camila’s introduction on Instagram, highlighting Muslim Women For, one of the grantees:

You can read more about the project's launch in The Hollywood Reporter.

Ways to Help Support

  • 🐢Follow all the the organizations to stay up to date with their work!
  • 💝Make a donation to the Healing Justice Fund to support continued Healing Justice work with organizers at front-line grassroots organizations. Donations are tax-deductible.
  • 🦉Learn more about healing justice and the ways that you can be contributing to the wellness and radical rest of Black, Indigenous and People of Color organizers around the country.
  • 🌻Contribute to local mutual aid funds where you live, and support the work of BIPOC healers, cultural workers and therapists.

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